A Sanctuary is your safe place. A refuge from pursuit, persecution and other danger.

As you move through different life stages, the need to safeguard your assets for the ones your love grows.

We've made it our business to help you create, sustain and manage your sanctuary and this is how we do it. 


Creating, Sustaining and Protecting your Sanctuary

Sanctuary Trust Law are your local family trust experts located in New Lynn, Auckland
The creation of a family trust will not only help you start planning for the future, but it will also safeguard the assets and wealth you have accrued. Your family trust will offer you a sanctuary, and a peace of mind that your assets are not only safe, but also benefit you, and those you care about in the future.   
Our aim is to help you create your sanctuary.  

Wealth is Built
on Trust

We specialise in creating and managing trusts to grow your wealth management. Drawing on deep, technical knowledge for trusts accounting and taxation which comes from  25+ years experience in New Zealand.



We Make it

Managing your trusts and your wealth is personal, which is why we start by listening. It’s about understanding where you’re coming from and alleviating the fear, apprehension and intimidation to give you peace of mind. 



Planning for the Generations Ahead

We use our experience to give you perspective and put plans in place for the years ahead. 


giammarco-boscaro-380907-unsplash (1).jpg

Move with the

Creating a trust is simple, but ensuring it moves with the times is an art. We partner with clients to take care of the administration work and keep the details up to date - to prevent any unexpected surprises. 



Our Philosophy


Being a boutique, local agency we know first hand exactly how  daunting and emotionally draining the creation and management of trusts can be.

To ease clients through the journey of creating and managing their trust we've developed a fixed fee structure that provides clarity and transparency  to clients so they know exactly where they stand.

And rather than rush you through the process, we will take the time to walk our clients through the alternatives at their disposal, ensuring they have a complete understanding and empowering them to make informed decisions.


Navin Sharma,



SETUP your Trust 

We start with the outcome you want to create, then work backwards to put the strategy and structure in place to put you in control.

MANAGE your Trust

Life happens, people grow and things change. We won't let these factors catch you out, with annual check-ins that keep you

GROW your Wealth

We use our knowledge and experience of accounting and finance, tax legislation and investments to grow portfolio of assets.


Seasoned Experts

We have been using our deep, technical knowledge in trust law, accounting and taxation to protect Aucklanders for over 25 years. 


Jacques VanNoort
Trust Lawyer (LLM)

Jacques has specialised in the field of Family Trusts for over 25 years. His domain of expertise lies in establishing, running and consulting on the administration of Trusts and is a sought after expert in the topic of validity of existing Trusts.

In addition to this, Jacques also acts as a Legal Advocate for the Elderly in many Rest homes and Retirement villages. Citizen Advice Bureaus in Auckland retain his telephone number for advice on legal matters concerning Older Adults


Navin Sharma
Principal Accountant

As principal accountant, director and serial entrepreneur, Navin brings a wealth of experience of the New Zealand financial system.

Navin specialises in ensuring his clients have the correct financial structures in place to maximise returns and mitigate his client's exposure to risks in the long term. 

As a seasoned property investor with experience in commercial and residential property, he is also able to bring practical, real world experience to every engagement.


Rajniel Maharaj
Tax Specialist 

Rajniel has been advising local New Zealand businesses for the past 15 years and in that time has developed specialist technical knowledge in taxation strategy. 



If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can give us a call, email, leave a message, or make a booking online.