Trust Formation

If you are ready to create your trust, or if you want to explore whether or not a trust is right for you, we would love to meet you for a complimentary chat.  

Upon our first consultation, we will understand the outcome you want to create and then work backwards to put a strategy and structure in place that will put you in control and will best suit your needs. 

The formation of your trust lays down the foundations of protecting your future. With over 25 years of experience in forming and managing trusts, you can feel at ease as we help create your sanctuary. 



Trust Management

Life happens, people grow and things change. We won't let these factors catch you out and risk compromising your trust.

Once you have formed your trust, it needs to be nurtured to ensure it is able to provide the benefit it was intended to provide. At Sanctuary Trust Law, we take a hands on approach and are available to answer any queries you have as they may arise.

We meet with our clients annually to ensure your trust remains up to date with its requirements, and thereby give you peace of mind that your trust will remain valid. 

At the least, you can expect an annual meeting where we will discuss what has occurred over the year to ensure that your trust remains up to date and help you compile the various documents such as minutes, financial statements, and trustee resolutions have been completed.

We work closely together with Murray Sharma & Associates Ltd who will be able to help you with the preparation of financial statements and ensuring the tax affairs are properly accounted for.  


Trust Investment

The establishment of your trust laid the roots of your sanctuary. It's management provides the nurturing it requires to ensure your trust is able to continue protecting the assets while also providing a benefit to your trust's beneficiaries. With the wealth in the trust, there is an opportunity for you to continue growing the assets within and turn those roots into a healthy forest not only you, but also future generations can enjoy. 

We can help you grow your sanctuary by using our knowledge and experience in accounting and finance, tax legislation and investments in order to grow your portfolio of assets.