About our Blog & Authors

Welcome to Sanctuary Trust Law's blog on all things about Trusts.

In our blog, you will be able to see our opinions on matters that relate to Trusts.

The content of the posts will include:

  • General information about the operation of Trusts.
  • Comments on common questions we encounter.
  • Updates on new developments.

Our blog will be updated primarily by Jacques and Rajiv.

Jacques is a Director of Sanctuary Trust Law, is a trust lawyer and has specialised in the field of trusts for the past 25 years. 

Rajiv is a graduate of the University of Auckland where he completed a BCom(Hons) in Accounting and Commercial Law and is currently pursuing a Masters of Taxation Studies along with becoming a Chartered Accountant.   

The blog posts are our opinions and are not intended to be taken as advice on their own. They aim to provide you with a base knowledge of important points that you should be aware of if you either already have, or are considering creating a family trust.   

If you have any further questions, please contact us on (09) 827 6872, via email on peaceofmind@sanctuarytrustlaw.com or by making an appointment online. 

Rajiv Sharma